Thursday, November 4, 2010

11 Things Thursday

1. Had another accident with potty training this time. this time it was in her car seat. We stopped at two places in Davenport for a potty break and she didn't pee anywhere. then she is in her car seat and she goes. The good news is she didn't pee in her bed for naps and waited until she got downstairs to pee in her potty.

2. Although she seems perfectly all right to pee in her pants, she doesn't like to poop anywhere but the potty. This is the exact opposite from everyone else I've talked to. In fact, she's quite proud to poop in the potty, but she totally doesn't care if she has pee running down her legs.

3. The new game now is that Aria wants to save everything. She'll put on her firehat, get on her Winnie the Pooh fire truck, and then go save some random stuffed animal. "Giraffe, I save you!" "Oh no! Horsey stuck! I save you!" Firefighter Aria to the rescue!

4. All of her animals are her friends and in the bath she says hello to each and every bath toy.

5. Her stuffed doggie was leaking beads so I am being mommy of the year putting each bead back inside and then sewing him up. I promised my little girl that doggie would be fixed in the morning.

6. Tomorrow is Aria's first gymnastics class. I hope she enjoys it. I've been psyching her up for it and I keep reminding her she has to listen and behave.

7. I love my kitchen now. I used to hate my kitchen. Now I am loving it. It still needs work but it is 100% better than what it was.

8. I need to have parties at my house all the time because it motivates me to clean up.

9. I need to go to bed early tonight, but I know I won't.

10. I am totally addicted to starbucks coffee.

11. I was at the bank and Aria saw the fish and was just talking. The teller goes, "She talks a lot, doesn't she?" I said, "She never stops unless she's sleeping."

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Vik said...

I'm totally addicted to starbucks coffee as well. ;)