Friday, October 1, 2010

Family Fun Museum

Aria and I went to the Family Fun Museum in Bettendorf today. It's a lot like the children's museum in Coralridge Mall, but half the price! Both Aria and I got in for $12 total.

For some odd reason, Aria didn't want to go in at first. She cried and wanted to go back to the car. I did not understand that one at all because she's never done that before. I picked her up and carried her inside and once she saw all of the fun, she was okay.

Aria's favorite things were the little kitchen. She put all of the plastic food in a big pan and she was making soup. She'd then put the pan in the little refrigerator to cook it. She put her soup on plates-one for mama and one for Aria.

There was this thing set up on the floor that looked like a pond of fish and when you stepped on the lilypads or the flowers or anything, the butterflies would fly away and the fish would swim. The water would ripple. Aria liked that a lot and was stomping on it to try to make the fish move.

Aria's second favorite thing was the electric piano they had set up. She had a good time changing the sounds of the keys and playing it. She spent a long time playing that piano. She also spent a great deal of time banging on the xylophones that were set up. She wasn't really interested in the little grocery store or the drums. She just wanted to go back and forth from the piano and xylophones.

Mama is Aria's favorite playmate now. Even if she is around other kids, she doesn't want to play with them. She stares at them and then kind of stays away from them. I will sometimes talk to the other kid and encourage her to play with them, but she doesn't. I know it isn't because she's shy, because she's really not a very shy kid. She has her shy moments sometimes, but she quickly warms up to people. Right now she just wants to play with mama.

I was so very proud of my little girl. I went to the restroom and they had little kid potties in stalls. She wanted to go in one on her own and picked a little potty that had a yellow seat. She pulled down her pull-up and sat on it for a long time. She even wiped herself and flushed. At one point, Aria wanted mama out of the stall so she could shut the door and pee by herself. That was so awesome. I told her over and over how awesome it was she did that.

Random stuff:

Favorite song right now: Secrets-One Republic
Favorite ice cream: Blue Bunny Cherry and chocolate
Favorite facebook app: It Girl

I also went on a site where I could load up a pic of me and try on celebrity's hairstyles. I look best with Jennifer Aniston's hair and Gweneth Paltrow's hair.

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