Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Random Monday

Today Rod gave me a day by myself where he took Aria to visit his mom and I could stay home. I did put away the laundry, pick up the bathroom, and then I basically sat around on the computer thinking about how I should nap and then never did.

I did end up napping when Aria did, which makes it an official lazy day.

Anyway, the list:

1. Rod's favorite Diego episode is the one where they save the strawberry festival by having an iguana poop seeds. I am so serious. They actually have an iguana poop strawberry seeds on the farm and then the strawberries grow. We laughed a lot.

2. Aria and I cut snowflakes today. I thought it would be fun since she likes using scissors anyway. I ended up cutting snowflakes and she would cut down the center of the paper and say they were cowboy pants. She had mama cowboy pants, baby cowboy pants, grandma cowboy pants. It was pretty amusing.

I also made lemon cookies which I am eating full force right now. They are delicious.

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