Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Hair Trim

I gave Aria a trim tonight because the fact she had about five different layers of hair was bugging me. You don't usually notice because her hair is curly, but when there are strands longer than other strands, I have to fix it.

She was very good for me. She sat and watched Diego. She drank her milk and ate her dried cherries. I combed and trimmed her hair. I only cut about an inch and a half off of it, but because her hair does curl, it looks shoulder length even though when it is wet or straight it is past her shoulders.

Anyway, it is all even now except for by her face but I'd have to give her a bob for that and I don't want her hair that short. I thought a moment about keeping her first haircut and then I thought, "What the hell am I going to do hanging onto old hair?" So I showed it to her and then tossed it. She was less than impressed with it. After all, Diego was on.

I also finally made an account at Stuff. I will have about $16 from my first box, but you know, that's better than the big fat nothing I would get if I just took it to goodwill. They didn't take everything that I had in the box, but that's okay because that stuff I will take to goodwill.

I bought Aria long sleeved shirts while I was up there too.

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Vik said...

awww first took long enough. lol. Gan's had his cut 3 times already . ;)