Friday, December 3, 2010

The Holiday Stroll

If you are going on a Holiday Stroll, downtown, at Christmas, wouldn't you expect that stores would be open? You know, important stores like....the toy store?

That's just the kind of fail that is the Holiday Stroll.

Aria and I went to the holiday stroll today. I got a good parking place. We were dressed very warmly. There were a lot of people, it looked promising. However, it really was a disappointment.

There were good points. The large community Christmas tree was very pretty. They were giving away hot chocolate and cookies. People brought out their dogs which Aria petted. However, as far as the stores opening and having great deals-it was utter fail.

It's Christmas time and I really don't feel like buying carpet from Carriage House this Christmas. Nor do I want to buy Insurance. I don't want to visit Ruhl and Ruhl Realty. Those were the stores that were open along with lots of breakable shops, antiques, and pawn shops.

The book store? Nope. Closed. The toy store? Closed. The only stores that may actually benefit from a holiday stroll where there are lots of people downtown were the ones that we didn't visit at all. I'm sure I didn't miss them. I walked up and down the sidewalk while I was chasing Aria who liked the idea of running so that the cars didn't get her very much.

In conclusion, Holiday stroll is a waste of time. Will not go next year or any year afterwards. It's not worth it to walk around aimlessly and be cold. I can make hot chocolate at home and look at lights from my heated car.

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Vik said...

ah that's a bummers!