Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aria do you have to pee?

"Aria, do you have to pee?"
"No. I pee in bath tub."


Today Rod took Aria to his mom's house so that I could be alone when I clean and cook for Thanksgiving. This worked out very well and mom came down to help me. While we would make something and it was in the oven, we would spend the baking time picking up so we were able to do two things at once.

The following injuries occurred:

1. I cut my thumb on the metal lid of the canned pumpkin. It bled all over the towel I wrapped around it for pressure. I put two bandaids on it and currently it hurts to press the shift key. It doesn't look too bad right now. I'll live.

2. I burned myself touching a pan.Brilliant.

3. Mom cut herself while chopping celery. I told her to use the cutting board.

The Thanksgiving Day menu looks like this:

1.Pumpkin bread
2. Sweet potatoes
3. Cornbread
4. Stuffing
5. Turkey
6. Cherry salad
7. Cranberry sauce
8. Mashed potatoes and gravy.
9. Biscuits.
10. Leftover brownies.

The best part? Everything but the biscuits is gluten free. I rule! Rod has never eaten any of my Thanksgiving Day food. I told him to prepare for how awesome I am.

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Misty said...

Cherry salad is our favorite Thanksgiving dish! It is a must have every year! How do you make yours? Hopefully all the injuries heal soon!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!