Friday, November 12, 2010

Movie Evening With Aria.

Watching movies with Aria right before bed is one of the most fun things ever. We've done it twice now. The first time it was with Care Bears and now the second time is Bob the Builder. Usually she doesn't want to see anything but Dora, but if I tell her that we will be eating ice cream, and she can stay up late, then she was all about it. She even started stripping as soon as she could so that she could have her bath early!

It is fun watching new things with Aria because if it is something that she hasn't seen a million times she is glued to it. It was Bob the Builder and the Golden Hammer and it was cute watching Aria try to figure out the clues and making comments about the things on the screen. She sat with me on the couch underneath the blanket and a bunch of her stuffed animals were all around us.

Then it was potty break and she went to bed with no problem!

I've got a few more movies lined up for us to watch sometime next week.

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Vik said...

OOOO maybe she'll like watching The Muppets!