Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is it Tuesday? Wait, yeah, it is Tuesday.

I don't want to say that Aria is potty trained because she's still having accidents. Some days she'll have absolutely none at all and then the next day she'll make up for it by having me have to clean every one of the stuffed animals she has in her bed. Today was one of those days and that poor horse has been washed so much he now has a horsey afro.

But surprisingly she hasn't had an accident any time we've been in the store, which is what I am prepared for. If I forgot one thing, like wipes or a pair of pants, that would be the day she would pee on the floor of walmart. So far so good.

Aria and I made an epic zoo with her animals, little people, and blocks.

As you can see, the little people children all love the zoo. We have giraffes, a panda, many horses, geese, ducks, a porcupine, and a rabbit in our zoo. We also have a park, and a train.

Even Percy enjoys our zoo.

Aria and I have been playing several games in bed. All of these games are classics like, "Hey what is this bump in the bed? Hey, it's Aria!" or the ever famous "Where is Aria? I can't find her under this blanket or this one...oh there she is!" also there are many waking up games that involves Aria pretend snoring which is just hilarious.

Here is Aria pretending to sleep on the couch.

She's also been really good about going to bed lately, let's hope that continues.

Aria has made it known that she no longer wants to be tickled. She runs way from her daddy when he comes home because he'd always chase her and then tickle her first thing. I told Rod about it and he has agreed to stop tickling. Now when he comes home Aria yells, "No tickle! No tickle!" and when we say that no one will tickle her, then she is all right. I don't blame the little girl, I hate being tickled too. I don't laugh, though, I kick and scream.

Aria quote of the day: "Heh heh...Aria funny."

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