Sunday, January 1, 2012

365 Day Project

I am going to try to partake on the 365 day project. It will make me take at least one pic a day, no matter how uneventful and boring it is, and therefore capture memories that I would have otherwise forgotten. Big fat wheee!

But first some firsts:

first song heard of the new year: Hot Shelle Rae's "Tonight Tonight"
first show watched: How I Met Your Mother
current favorite song: Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
last movie watched of 2011: MacGruber

And now the pic: Jan 1st.

This is Rod and Alex playing Call of Duty at about 9pm. Today they went to a Heroclix tournament. Rod won. He was undefeated. He won about $90 worth of stuff. That justifies the $25 fee to play.

Mary watched Aria today. Aria had a good time. She said they played dominoes and singing. I worked today. It sucked, but it wasn't busy so I cleaned the meat cases and avoided unloading frozen/dairy truck. Score!

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