Monday, October 31, 2011


It was 55 degrees so we dressed warmly. I was smart as Aria's Hello Kitty hat doubled as a mask and a warm hat for her ears. She wore gloves and a coat. She also wore two shirts and leggings under her Hello Kitty skirt. I wore my hat and gloves as well. We were prepared for the journey.

I didn't have a route in mind. I thought that we could just start walking and see where our feet took us. The first house was on the corner. Aria was very good, said Trick or Treat obediently, and dutifully replied thank you. After about the third house was when she started getting really excited about this trick or treating business.

The usual was out there. There were witches and ghosts. There was Mario, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Spiderman. Babies were lions, teddy bars, and crayons. Pre-teens went out with no costumes begging for candy. Come on, kids, at least try. My personal favorite was the group of girls dressed as Robin, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl. I like that they had a theme.

My Hello Kitty started getting really brave at the 4th street we were on. She told me, "No, Mama, I'm brave. You stay here. I can do it myself!" So my big, brave girl would insist I stay at the sidewalk as she went up to the doors and knocked herself. I was quite proud that she would thank them without prompting many times. A few times I had to remind her, but every time I didn't I was pretty proud. When people did not recognize her as Hello Kitty she was sure to correct them.

At one house she came down and announced to me, "That man has big hands." That was funny.

Officer cousin John was on patrol. He pulled over and gave Aria a glow necklace. She was pretty excited about that. It was getting pretty dark too, so it made her feel better because she's kind of afraid of the dark.

She was quite offended by the smokers around. At one house she told me the smoke hurt her eyes. At another house she came back coughing and complaining of the smoke. As we passed a house on the way home, a man smoking tried to give her money but she just cried, "Mama, he's smoking! Mama, that man is smoking!" She's really offended by smoking. She complained about the smoking all the way home then.

Aria's basket was so full that the strap was breaking and I had to carry it. It also broke. All of the contents won't fit in the candy jar, even after taking out the stuff that she can't have. She wants to eat it all at once and gets pretty irate when you tell her no.

Funny random addition: When I was at Walmart, a coworker asked me what I was supposed to be-a hippy? I said, "What? This is how I always dress."

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Vik said...

nice. ;) it's nice that she's at a good age for trick-or-treating! I remembered always getting rained on when we went trick or treating. :P ugh.