Friday, October 28, 2011

Festival of Aria Day One

I like to call August National Jacque Month. That's because my birthday is in it, and I am totally full of myself. I think that everyone should celebrate because what better reason to celebrate than that I was born? I know, I can't think of a better reason either.

I am passing on my narcissistic values to my daughter by declaring this the first day of the Festival of Aria. That was because Rod took today off so we could celebrate Aria's birthday all weekend. That means that Aria gets three days of birthday fun. That sounds like a festival to me.

So on to the celebrations!

But first, Aria on a pumpkin.

We ventured forth to Coralville and to the Family Museum. Rod had never been there and Aria's last visit was when she was two. Both of the children with me loved it. Rod and Aria both liked the ambulance, the doctor's office, and the shopping center. The real fun came with the flight exhibit though.

This was one big, awesome slide. I went down it. It was FAST!

Rod went down it too.

Don't worry, Daddy. I can land us.

Rod and Aria went in the flight simulator. You sit in a little plane and pretend to fly it. You can actually buy the game and play it with a joystick, but sitting in a little plane with real controls is way more fun. Aria ran them into a house, several trees, but copilot Rod got them back in the air. I did it once too. I did about as well as Aria.

This is how you make a rocket.

There was a section where you made a rocket out of paper and then shot it to the ceiling with air pressure. That rocked. Aria just wanted to cut the paper, but Rod and I made two pretty awesome rockets. Aria got to shoot them upwards. Rod's made it to the ceiling. Mine did too, then the second time it went up it got stuck on the window ledge.

The whole world in her hands. Okay, lame, I couldn't think of a caption.

You really should have seen how much time they spent dispacing air to make the two balls fall or roll or fly up, or do whatever. It was very serious business.

and then with a roar they were both on their way. Each knowing they'd meet on some other day.

Afterwards was a trip to Coldstone. Aria's signature ice cream treat is a scoop of cotton candy, a scoop of another flavor (this time vanilla) and covered in sprinkles.

Afterwards we stopped at the mall again so that Aria could play in the play area, and then so we could get some books at Barnes and Noble. Oh, and so I could go to the bathroom ten million times because I had coffee and then 2 tall glasses of tea. My bladder is voicing its displeasure.

A pretty darn good day. Little girl was happy. She spent all day hugging and kissing us. She gets very cuddly when she is happy. She also took a power nap on the way home, which we are paying for because she is still up. This is the last day my little girl is three. Four years old, here we come.


Lisa said...

That museum looks like a ton of fun. Happy birthday Aria!!!!!!

Vik said...

Kid's museum's are always a win! Win Win! I hear 4 yr olds are a breeze, so enjoy another year older! Happy Birthday Ms. Aria!