Thursday, March 3, 2011

Aria and the Wonderpets Save the Puppy

The phone....the phone is ringing.
The phone...we're almost there.
The phone. The phone is ringing.

There's an animal in trouble.
There's an animal in trouble.
There's an animal in trouble somewhere.

Oh no! It's a puppy!
He looks thirsty. He looks hungry.
But he's stuck on a box. He's stuck on a box
And he doesn't like iiiiiiiiiiiit
A lot.

Oh no! His dish is empty!
This is SE-WEE-US!
We have to help him!
There are no eats!
There are no treats!
There are no sweets!
That sucks.


And Ming-Ming too!
We're wonderpets and we'll help you.

Wonderpets wonderpets we're on our way
To help a hungry puppy and save the day!
We're not too big
and we're not too tough.
But when we work together we've got the right stuff.
Go, Wonderpets, go!

Oh no! That puppy is really stuck! Oh, you are going to get him off the box? that's great Ming-Ming.

Ming-Ming, you saved the doggy. But he still looks hungry. I know, we'll use this shovel to scoop food into his dish.
What's gonna work?
What's gonna work?

Now he's got food!
And he's soooo happy!

This calls for some celery!

and lettuce, cupcakes, chocolate, and pizza too!

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