Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Catch Up

Hmm...what have we been doing lately?

We've had a pretty busy summer being outside. Now anyone who knows me also knows that I don't like being outside. I think the outdoors is extremely overrated and I'd rather be doing just about anything at all in a temperature controlled indoor environment. Well, my daughter does not agree with my philosophy of "if it isn't done inside it's not worth doing." This means every day I end up outside.

We go to some kind of park every day. Maybe one day it's Weed Park, the next day Fuller, and the next day the Discovery Park. Aria will normally find at least one slightly older little girl who will play with her and she can follow around. Aria latches onto girls who are around 4-7 years old and blond. Maybe a red head once in awhile. For some reason those are the girls she wants to follow around. I am thankful for little girls who think Aria is cute and is perfectly happy to help her go down the slide or to swing with her. It also means I can sit down for a minute and not have to hover like a mama bear.

Our current schedule goes like this:
8am-9am: Wake up, eat breakfast, take a walk in the stroller or go to the park for about two hours.
11am-1pm: Eat lunch, color, play with legos. Go wake up daddy.
1pm-3pm: Play with daddy, then take a nap.
4pm-6pm: Wake up, have a snack. Play outside or at a park until dinner. Watch Wiggles while mommy makes dinner.
7:30pm-8:30pm: Eat dinner with daddy, then go to sleep.
Somewhere at random times baths will be had as well as diaper changes and other such fun stuff.

One bit of good news for me! Aria doesn't seem to be as sensitive to wipes anymore. I used to only be able to use the Member's Mark wipes as everything else gave her a rash. No more! I have been able to use something else and after careful testing have determined other wipes safe! This is so great!

Aria is also becoming a picky eater as well as eating less. She has decided that regular milk isn't good enough anymore and in order for her to have her 18 oz a day I have to make sure it is flavored and that it is cold. If it is not cold she also will not drink it. She has decided she doesnt' want things that she normally loves including peanut butter and carrots. She would be perfectly happy to eat apples and goldfish all day long. Unfortunately for her, she does not get this option. If I leave a bowl of cut up fruits in the living room she will snack on that all day. At least I know she is getting her fruit. She also has decided that bacon is the best thing ever. It is looking like every day is Bacon, fruit salad, goldfishes day.

About me:
Well, my hair needs cut again. I just hate it touching my neck.
I have completely stopped standing on the scale and checking my weight. I am already happier. I have decided that size 14 isn't too horrible after all.
I have also decided that if something is worth making, it is worth wrapping in foil and baking it the easiest way possible. My husband approves of this method wholeheartedly.
I have seen the Star Trek movie twice and would see it again in an instant. I was never a big Star Trek fan before, but now I am obsessed. I went to the movie to see Simon Pegg and came out with a huge crush on Zachary Quinto.
Every day I admire my yard. I take care of my yard better than I take care of anything now. I mow every Monday, which is more than I can say for my laundry.
Apologize is still my favorite song, but it is being edged out by You Found Me.

Sorry no pics this time. Not because I don't have any, but just because I am too lazy.

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